15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens

They say age is just a number, but what do you think?

While scrolling the internet, we found this amazing post from Silver Cross Healthcare and couldn’t help but share.

1. Tatyana Fomina

Superhuman feats are usually associated with guys in spandex packing muscles the size of mountains. Not so if you find yourself in Ulyanovsk, a Russian town home to the strongest 60-year-old woman in the world. Tatyana Fomina has lifted as much as 200 kilograms (about 440 pounds). No word on what type of lift that personal best encompassed, but she was 60 years old when she did it in 2007, according to a YouTube post from Russia Today, so we’ll file this away under, “Doesn’t matter, it’s enough.” Fomina didn’t start powerlifting until she was 48 years old.

1 Tatyana Fomina 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


2. Charles Atlas

Charles Atlas, or Angelo Siciliano, started his fitness career at a much younger age than Tatyana Fomina, and becoming a senior citizen did little to slow his progress. In his heyday, Atlas could perform a one hand overhead dumbbell press of anywhere from 236 to 266 pounds (reports vary).

Atlas referred to his younger self as a 97-pound weakling. Through a personal training regimen (that you’ll probably remember if you used to read comic books), he grew into the strongman the world would come to know. Atlas died of heart failure in 1972 at age 80, but according to FindAGrave, the muscleman continued working out at the New York City Athletic Club right up until his death. In fact, the day he died he’d just finished his daily jog.

Heart problems ran in Atlas’ family, and life expectancies for men were much lower 40 years ago, so the fact he was able to stay strong and active for so long warrants him a place among the superhuman feats performed by senior citizens.

2 Charles Atlas 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


3. Joe Rollino

If a person can make it to age 104, he’s doing something right. Strongman Joe Rollino is no exception. A World War II veteran, Rollino spent the 1920s calling himself “the world’s strongest man,” and watching him move 3,200 pounds with his back left little room for argument. Even in his 103rd year, the New York Times reported, he could bend a quarter using nothing but his teeth.

You may be thinking that to have lived for so long, his body must have finally collapsed, but you’d be wrong. What killed Joe Rollino wasn’t the ravages of age. No, he was struck by a vehicle outside his home on January 11, 2010.

3 Joe Rollino 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


4. Jack LaLanne

Almost one year to the day after Joe Rollino’s death, we lost another classic fitness hound in Jack LaLanne. LaLanne died on January 23, 2011, at age 96 of respiratory failure due to a bout of pneumonia. LaLanne began his career in 1936 as the father of the health and fitness club, starting what was presumably the nation’s first in Oakland, California. Even at 54, he was still showing up young pups like a 21-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger, who supposedly lost an informal weightlifting contest to LaLanne, causing the former Governor of California to refer to him as “an animal” (a compliment in the context).

The only day LaLanne slowed down was the day he died. Family stated he’d been sick for a week, but continued with his workout routine right up until the eve of his death, according to MSNBC.

4 Jack LaLanne 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


5. Larry Macon

Not all of the superhuman feats of strength performed by senior citizens have to involve weights and dumbbells. In the case of 63-year-old runner Larry Macon, the 549 marathons he’s run over a four-year-period, get him not just an inclusion on our list, but a backstage pass. According to Runner’s World, Macon ran his first 93 marathons in 2007 and followed that up with 105 the following year — in all, 5,187.6 miles, or approximately 7.1 miles per day for two straight years never taking a single day off the entire time.

But if you think that’s something, Macon ran another 113 marathons in 2011 and 153 in 2012, his personal best. Most of us would be hard pressed to run even one marathon, this author included.

5 Larry Macon 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


6. Dale Davis

Wait, bowling!? Yes, bowling. Dale Davis deserves to be included here because at 78, he did one of the hardest things any man or woman could ever attempt– bowl a perfect game. ESPN reported that the 300 score was made even more amazing by the fact Davis, who accomplished this superhuman feat in 2008, was legally blind. If you’ve ever taken part in the sport, then you know the tremendous concentration, skill, and muscular control involved in rolling frame after frame. Now think about doing all of that perfectly without the ability to see.

6 Dale Davis 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


7. Jennifer Figge

Jennifer Figge is often credited for swimming across the entire Atlantic Ocean. This claim was a media boo-boo Deadspin correctly pointed out in February 2009. Still, what Figge did was amazing. On February 5, 2009, she swam several sections of the Atlantic Ocean while spending a great deal of her effort inside a shark cage and racking up a total of 2,160 miles going eight hours per day for 24 days. The 56-year-old spent her off-time resting in a boat, which earns her a pass since what she did was basically like swimming from Chicago to Los Angeles.

7 Jennifer Figge 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


8. Keiko Fukuda

Keiko Fukuda was approached in the 1930s by Judo master and founder Jigoro Kano. His request: help him start a women’s division for his popular discipline. Fukuda was in her 20s at the time, and she was by no means his only choice, but she was the only one to make good on her promise and help Kano evangelize the world with his practice. At 99 years old, Fukuda was still teaching classes three times a week, holding the Joshi Judo Camp, and hosting the Fukuda Invitational Kata Championships. We’ve picked Fukuda not because she could bend steel or run great distances. No, she deserves a place among the superhuman feats performed by senior citizens because a) Judo does require great physical practice and skill; and b) how many people out there can stick with something for more than 70 years?

8 Keiko Fukuda 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


9. Allan Johnson

Most of us couldn’t imagine tackling the dangers of rodeo at any age, but at 80, Allan Johnson not only tackled them, he was a champion. Johnson started in 1946 at the age of 16, and as of 2012, was still active. Despite winning many awards during his 64-year-career, Johnson stayed humble in comments to the Growing Bolder podcast. Downplaying the accomplishment to a degree, he pointed out he doesn’t ride bulls anymore, but does still rope. He also noted that he wasn’t even the oldest, pointing to an 86-year-old colleague and friend, who was still active.

9 Allan Johnson 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


10. Lew Hollander

Lew Hollander hasn’t let the aging process stop him. At age 81, Hollander was still competing in Ironman triathlons, which consist of a 112-mile bike ride, a 2.4-mile swim, and a marathon, all in a single day. Bleacher Report noted that he’d set the record of oldest competitor to finish one of these events in 2011 at Kona, Hawaii, so each subsequent competition allows Hollander to beat his own record. He also advocates for healthy, active aging and stem cell research.

10 Lew Hollander 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


11. Olga Kotelko

Olga Kotelko started defying age on the track-and-field circuit at 77. As of 2011, she held more than 20 world records as a plucky 92-year-old. Long jump, triple jump, high jump, discus, shot put, various sprints, weight throw, and javelin — Olga can do it all. According to The New York Times, Kotelko has been studied at the Montreal Neurological Institute and McGill University (also in Montreal), and her muscle fibers show a remarkable resistance to mitochondrial decay, which impedes us from physical activity as we age.

11 Olga Kotelko 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


12. Edith Wilma Connor

In May 2012, Guinness World Records named Edith Wilma Connor the oldest competitive female bodybuilder at age 77. What makes Connor such a remarkable case is that she and her husband ran a data entry company until she was in her 60s. With such a sedentary profession for so many years, Connor should have been behind on her fitness development. However, as a 65-year-old, she won her first competition, the Grand Masters in Las Vegas.

12 Edith Wilma Connor 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


13. Thomas Inch

Thomas Inch, inventor of the Inch Dumbbell, didn’t stop his superhuman feats with youth. His creation weighed more than 172 pounds and had a grip just shy of three inches in diameter. Its combination of weight, structure, and the challenge of lifting with one hand, made it nigh impossible to lift for any man, who wasn’t Thomas Inch. Nevertheless, in 1959 at the age 68, he could still do the one-hand lift with ease, according to Bodybuilding.com.

13 Thomas Inch 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


14. Fauja Singh

In early 2013, Fauja Singh announced he would run his last race. The so-called “Turbaned Tornado” decided that at 101, he could leave the marathons to guys like Larry Macon (see No. 5). After all, he was a veteran of the 26.2-mile-race by then, having ran his first at age 89 as a way of coping with his son’s death in a grisly accident six years earlier, according to The Inquisitr. Singh and his son were tending their field when a wind blew a piece of corrugated metal across their field and decapitated the son as Singh watched. Enduring great personal tragedy, Singh managed to pick up the pieces and carve a late-in-life career doing one of the most difficult, demanding competitions in the world.

14 Fauja Singh 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens


15. Johanna Quaas

Rounding out this list of superhuman feats performed by senior citizens, we go to the gymnastics world and Johanna Quaas, the oldest active gymnast in the world. As of April 2012, when this YouTube video was posted, Quaas was 86 years old and still as proficient on the parallel bars as any person half her age.

15 Johanna Quaas 15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens

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