Going Above and Beyond

 PerDiem Birthday

 The woman next to the clown is a Per Diem client. The woman in the clown costume is her care nurse.  Simple, sure. By looking at this picture, you would assume the patient loves clowns; and you would be correct- kinda. The patient in this picture is celebrating her birthday and the wonderful clown just happened to show up on her day off to help celebrate. It’s not the fact the care nurse dressed up as a clown to help a client- she took time out of her schedule and came to the birthday party of a friend.

Per Diem staff are not just any normal set of employees- they go above and beyond for the comfort and happiness of their patients. We take pride in our staff. We hire them for their experience and willingness to do more than the standard RN, LPN, Aide or other position we have in our company.

When we received this picture, we couldn’t wait to share it with our amazing followers. How has a Per Diem staff member exceeded your expectations? Let us know and you could be our next blog post.




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