Identity Theft Prevention for Senior Citizens

Identity Theft Prevention for Senior Citizens

Did you know just under 20% of victims who reported identity theft to the Identity Theft Assistance Center were ages 60 and over? Unfortunately the identity theft of senior citizens is becoming a more common occurrence in the United States reaching all time highs in recent years. To make matters worse, identity theft rates skyrocket during the holidays. Help us protect your loved ones this holiday season by taking a moment to talk with them about their risks and identity theft prevention.

Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Seniors tend to be a more trusting group of individuals and that makes them more likely to give out important numbers and other information to mystery callers, or even let strangers in the house. Here are a few helpful tips about identity theft prevention to share when you speak with your loved ones.

  • If someone unexpectedly visits, ask for identification before letting them in. Even with service or delivery people. If you are the least bit concerned, call the company to verify that it is in fact their representative.
  • Regardless of age it’s extremely easy to get caught up in investment schemes, funeral scams, and/or home improvement scams. Do not make quick decisions. Take time and get a second opinion.
  • Always be suspicious of phone solicitors who ask for any personal information such as your address, credit card number, social security number, or checking account numbers. If someone asks for personal information hang up immediately.

If you have additional tips or other comments about the article we would love to hear from you in the comments below. Have a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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