Partying with Grandma: Building a Social Life In Your Later Years

Losing a spouse, retiring, or even moving to a different address can have an overwhelming effect on a senior. Remembering what you used to love is a big part of returning to your old social life, or if you wish, building a new one.  We found a really interesting article on a WIKIhow about getting your groove back as a senior citizen.

Tip number one, provided by the Wiki Authors is to pick up from where you left off, or try new, similar activities. Use your local newspaper to keep abreast of upcoming events of interest.  Visit university lectures on topics you know nothing about to stretch your imagination and improve your knowledge.


Tip 2 suggests fitness. “Return to keeping fit. While climbing Mt. Everest may no longer be in the cards, there is certainly nothing stopping you from continuing physical activities involvingwalking clubs, senior’s gym or other fitness activities made available especially for seniors. Staying fit is a sure way to build confidence and regain a healthy outlook on life!”

Tip 3- Make a friend!  Invite a friend or neighbor to attend events with you. Get back into the rhythm of meeting new friends.

Tip 4- Try new things. “This may feel uncomfortable at first, especially if it involves new technology. Consider trying new activities that are possible given your level of health and fitness, and that you find interesting. Try not to react negatively to suggestions from others who try to help. Think things through before rejecting the ideas altogether. You may discover something you wished you’d tried earlier.”670px-Build-a-Social-Life-as-a-Senior-Citizen-Step-4

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