Per Diem Makes the Holidays Warmer for Two Kindergarten Classes

Per Diem In Home Nurse Staffing Sends Monetary Donation to Local Elementary School

This winter Per Diem Nurse Staffing (PDNS) has chosen to sponsor two kindergarten classes at Chase STEM Academy by making a $1,800 donation. Occurring over the past few months, PDNS owner, Brenda Michalski has been sending monetary donations to the teachers of the two kindergarten classes to make this winter a warmer, happier place for the students. The entire donation will be used directly on the two classes of kindergarteners at the academy. Room teachers at the school are in charge of purchasing items such as sweaters, hats, mittens and a holiday toy for each student.

Beginning in 2011, PDNS wanted to donate a present to the children. Much to their surprise, most of the students asked for items such as coats, shoes, hats and other items to keep them warm.

“Making this donation is just our way of giving back to the community,” says Per Diem Owner, Brenda Michalski. “ We pick organizations that don’t receive a lot of attention and we help them out; we also love receiving the thank- you letters and pictures from the students after they receive their presents. Helping others who can’t help themselves is what we do on a daily basis; why wouldn’t we apply that philosophy outside of the office?”

Brenda and PDNS have several organizations they have supported throughout the years. Businesses such as the Waterville Chamber of Commerce, The Anne Grady Center, Chase STEM academy and a local youth softball team.

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