Sleeping “On The Rocks”

While scrolling through the internet, we found an article to be especially interesting. Especially for those women out there having their own…lets say…personal summers. Granted, the photo below may be a bit much, but you get what we’re trying to illustrate here.


A drop in body temperature may help people to fall asleep easier.  According to a study in the Journal “Sleep”, making a special effort to cool down before bedtime may be of particular benefit to insomniacs. Sleep specialists have long debated whether the regular nighttime drop in temperature induces sleep or follows it.

To investigate this question, Doctors Murphy and Campbell of the New York Hospital’s Cornell Medical Center in White Plains, recruited 21 men and 23 women, aged 19 to 82.

The researchers identified the time at which the subjects’ body temperature fell most sharply. This point almost always occurred in the two hours before sleep began.  Therefore, people with trouble falling asleep might benefit from taking hot baths about 90 minutes before bedtime, the researchers speculate. When they get out of the bath, body temperature will drop rapidly, and this might help them to fall asleep faster.  Other tips would be to keep the bedroom comfortably cool, wear cool nightclothes, and use a fan as needed.

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