Tasing the elderly? Seriously?

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Did you hear about the 77 year old Korean War veteran who was tased in Montana? If you are not familiar with the article, I have included a link at the bottom of the blog.

Just to give you a small overview, an Alzheimer’s patient who also happened to serve in the Korean War was tased by police, fell face-first onto the pavement and died in a Montana hospital 3 weeks later.

Here is a short version of the story.
The victim was admitted to a state-run nursing home for severe Alzheimer’s-related issues. He wandered off of the property so the staff called 911. When the man refused to cooperate, an officer zapped him with a stun gun and he fell onto the pavement and hit his head and face.
Once he was back in the nursing home’s care and everything calmed down, the family was notified. HOWEVER, the family was told the man tripped while running. Two days later the family found out about the real incident and roughly three weeks later the man passed away due to injuries from the “fall.”
Now his family has filed a lawsuit against the city police and the nursing home.

Can you believe it! I was blown away after seeing the article this past weekend.

Who in their right mind zaps an elderly man with a stun gun let alone an elderly man with Alzheimer’s? There are so many wrongs happening in this story. What do you think should happen to those responsible?

State sued when man, 77, dies after being “tased”; victim had Alzherimer’s Disease.

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