The Unknown Scares of Halloween

The Unknown Scares of Halloween

Halloween can be an exciting time, complete with pumpkins, candy, costumes, and trick-or-treating. However, Halloween can also be a scary time for senior citizens. Little children dressed as ghosts and princesses, costumed teenagers, and adults can cause unnecessary stress for senior citizens and those with mental disabilities. Not to mention, with the advantage of a masked face and hidden identity, there is no better excuse for criminals to take note of a frail senior citizen living on their own, and return at a later date to burgle or vandalize property.

As the holiday fast approaches, our staff offers some helpful tips for staying safe. The main way to avoid problems is to have someone else in the house if the resident decides to pass out candy or other treats.  Other helpful tips are:

  • Avoid dark or opaque decorations that block lights.
  • Use flame-less style candles in pumpkins and holiday decorations.
  • Don’t leave an elderly person with mental or physical limitations home by themselves on Halloween.
  • Continue to follow dietary precautions by avoiding overindulgence in sugar and candy.
  • Pass out candy from a neighbor or family members’ home instead.
  • If not passing out candy, make sure the porch lights and front room lights are turned off.
  • Keep seniors entertained and watch a movie or listen to music in another room, if possible.
  • Never let a trick-or-treater into the house; their reasons may not be as they say.

Keep in mind that while you may find Halloween to be a fun time, it is not always a happy time for the elderly. Innocent tricks can be scary and the added stimulation from the doorbell or knocks on the door may cause unnecessary stress. Make sure all can enjoy this holiday season.

If you are looking for assistance during the holidays, we provide a wide variety of services so that families and patients can rest assured safety and comfort is top priority.

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