Trivia Part 2


It’s that time again! We have 10 more questions for you to share with your friends and family members.  What memories do these bring back? Share your favorites with us in the comment section.

1. In the quaint greasy spoon jargon of yore, what did “knock the horns off one, and drag it through the garden” mean?

a. 86 the customer, then kick him out the back door
b. Rare hamburger or steak with tomato and lettuce
c. Cooties

2. Lincoln Logs were for what use?

a. A diary of the presidency
b. Keep track of fat cats who sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom
c. Building toy structures

3. Ward and June bring what to mind?

a. A popular TV series called “Leave it to Beaver”
b. A Chicago family of butchers and knife sharpeners called The Cleavers
c. Inventors of the clicker, Jack Ward and Ernest June

4. Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians, and Zorro are all forms of what?

a. Alcoholic beverages
b. Capitalism
c. Children’s play

5. What was the cheapest way to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle?

a. Baseball cards in the spokes
b. Rig an electric motor with a very long cord
c. Turning left into the path of a Harley

6. Tinkertoys date back to when?

a. 1914
b. 1949
c. 1967

7. In grade school, what was the worst thing that could happen to you when being picked for a team?

a. Getting picked last
b. Getting your uniform dirty
c. Not having the team tattoo

8. If we dared to sass our parents, we immediately found out what _ _ _ _ tasted like.”

a. Meatballs
b. Soap
c. Sasparilla

9. What was one thing the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers would never do?

a. Kill someone
b. Shot a squirrel
c. Eat lima beans

10. What convertible offered an optional radio that automatically increased its volume as the car accelerated?

a. 1912 Franklin
b. 1943 Jeep
c. 1957 Ford Thunderbird





1. b) Rare hamburger or steak with tomato and lettuce. Other examples: Axle grease – butter; Blowout patches – pancakes; Bowwow, barks, or groundhog – hot dog; Baled hay – shredded wheat; Bessie – roast beef; Bessie in a bowl – stew; Cackleberries – eggs; Rabbit food – salad; Sinkers – donuts; and Sweep the kitchen – hash.

2. c) Building toy structures.

3. a) A popular TV series called “Leave it to Beaver,” perhaps the most unrealistic, misleading and shallow depiction of family life ever produced for TV.

4. c) Children’s play.

5. a) Baseball cards in the spokes. Who among you never did this?

6. a) “1914 – Good then, 1935 – Good now, 2000 – Good always,” read the back cover of a 1935 Toy Tinkers catalog. Charles H. Pajeau and Robert Pettit, the founders of The Toy Tinkers of Evanston, Illinois, and the creators of the TINKERTOY construction set, knew that the “Thousand Wonder Builder” would continue to inspire the imaginations of children because of its easy-to-use, yet versatile construction system. They’re still made today, now by Hasbro.

7. a) Getting picked last. As an expert on this particular humiliation, I assure you that getting picked last was far better than not getting picked at all.

8. b) Soap. I wonder? Was this a regional thing? Where I grew up, spanking was the generally preferred method for punishing any childhood misdemeanor. We wouldn’t have known a “time out” to save our lives.

9. a) Kill someone. I can’t remember ever seeing the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers or other cowboy hero actually kill someone. They would just shoot the gun out of the bad guy’s hand. There was no blood, no violence, just folks wondering who that masked man was.

10. c) 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Hard one but, let’s face it, easy answer. The option was available only that year.

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