Valentines Love Bug Craft

We love spending time with our seniors. After the housework and personal care is all taken care of- we enjoy sitting down and watching them draw, paint or participate in the other crafts; it’s enlightening.  Seeing the smiles on their faces is heartwarming. However, as we get older, we lose dexterity and smaller things get harder to complete. The project below is a mid-level craft that allows the artist to be creative or as plain as they feel comfortable.

Love Bug Brooch


Plaster of Paris
Plastic spoon
Safety pin
Red and black acrylic paints
Small paintbrush
Clear varnish (optional)

Mix up the plaster, then fill and level off the spoon. (Since you have to mix up a batch of plaster, you may want to make a few lovebugs at a time.) Place the safety pin into the wet plaster so that it opens out. Allow the plaster to harden for about an hour. Once dry, you can pop out the brooch and paint it red. Using the black paint and small brush (or cotton swab, if that’s easier), draw eyes, wings and a head on the lovebug; then cover the wings with hearts. If you want to make more than one,  feel free to switch up the design and decorate them with flowers, faces or other designs. To seal in the colors- apply a protective coating of clear varnish.


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